About The Vine Centre

As part of the Lincolnshire County Councils strategy, the Cherry Willingham Library closed and its management transferred to The Vine Community Church. There are plans for the Vine Centre to become a multi-room meeting resource for the community as well as providing Library Services within the heart of the village on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council.

vine cent smThe Vine took possession of the Cherry Willingham Library in October 2015.  Since then it has become the home of The Vine Community Church, the Cherry Willingham Community Choir, Assist, 'The Mix' youth group and a new dementia group funded by Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust.   We have now rebranded the building as the Vine Centre reflecting that the building is much more than a library.  

Since moving into the building on the Parade in the centre of Cherry Willingham, the Vine has purchased new tables and chairs. Has decorated and installed a new glass partition separating the children's library area from the main space while maintaining the ability to visually supervise both areas.  

 Further refurbishment including new flooring is planned make the Vine Centre more suitable as a multi-use venue both for the church and the wider community as well as providing a library service to the village and surrounding areas.

The Vine Centre is also used by the Vine Community Church for Sunday Services and other activities open to all.


What is the Vine Centre?

The Vine Centre is a Community meeting space which will shortly be available to hire by community groups.

The Vine Centre is home to the Vine Community Church

The Vine Centre houses Cherry Willingham Library and provides library services on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council


Who runs the centre?

The Vine Centre is operated by volunteers under the management of the Vine Community Church.




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