What is worship like?

The style of worship at the Vine is contemporary and informal.  The range of music is wide and varied from lively and loud praise to quieter worship songs.

Worship is led by members of the worship team and often comprises of drums, keyboard, acoustic,  guitars or ukulele.

Everyone is encouraged to take part no matter how off key you might think your voice is.



Will you use thees and thous in the teaching?

At the Vine, we try to use language that is appropriate to the situation.

So if someone is reading an account from the past it may have thee' and thou's in it but for the most, we use contemporary language.

At the Vine, we read from a number of Bible translations including...

The Christian Standard Bible
The New International Version (NIV)
The Message
The Revised Standard Version
The New Living Translation (NLT)

For the whole, most people use the NIV or the CSB

Why so many versions?

We always try to use the version that makes the point clear, the bible is the word of God and the original versions in Greek, Hebrew etc, do not translate directly into English.  The bible is more about what is said not how.

If you want to know more about why there are so many translations see "Why are there so many translations" on the International Bible Societies Website.

We would rather you read any of the recognised bibles than none.


Do I have to keep my children silent?


Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
Matthew 19:13-15 

Children and young people are as every bit important to God as adults and children and young people play an important role in the Vine Community Church.


images/stories/children.png While we would always encourage children to take part in the service we understand that their levels of attention vary and we are happy for them to colour, walk about, play at the back, sing, dance etc.

For the youngest of children, there are normally toys and playthings available during worship and during the teaching part of the service, we encourage our children to attend Shiners our Sunday morning kids work.



Do I need to wear a fancy suit or dress?



If you want to dress up that is fine, if you want to wear jeans and t-shirt that is fine too.

Meeting together on a Sunday is about enjoying time in each others' company and the presence of God.  As God is with us at all times, yes - even in the shower, dressing to impress Him is not going to work.

Just as God made us all different, so our choice of clothes are different, so wear what you feel comfortable in just remember to put something on.