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the vine logo onlyThe Vine Community Church serves the villages of Cherry Willingham, Reepham, Fiskerton and the surrounding areas of Lincoln and Lincolnshire.  The Vine Community Church is a registered CIO number 1158738 

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    Sunday Service

    We meet every Sunday for vibrant worship, fellowship and teaching. Church may not be how you imagine it; put away your preconceptions and come along. 10:30 for Coffee - 11:00 Service. Read More
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    Souled Out

    Pizza, Games Life and Faith Run by the Vine Community Church and aimed at teenagers Souled Out, a safe and fun atmosphere to Eat Pizza and explore life. Read More
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    Assist is a free and confidential service for people over 18 years of age who need support. We take referrals from healthcare professionals, other agencies, relatives, friends, neighbours or you can contact us yourself. Our volunteers are formally approved, trained, trustworthy and reliable. Read More
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Vine Life

  • Going to the edge

    Have you seen the Structures on the Edge on the Lincolnshire coast?  Dave and I have only recently come across them, and we were fascinated.  Because they are very unusual works of art/architecture, they will trigger some strong opinions – as you stand on our shoreline seeing their rather weird outlines against the seascape, you’ll probably be quite excited about them, or maybe you’ll hate them.  They are meant to help us take a whole fresh look at our coastline, and “see” it in a new way, stopping to gaze on its natural beauty.


    Personally I really like looking at their outlines, etched against the open skies, helping us to take a fresh view of our familiar coast – there’s something very special about taking time to look at the place where sea and land meet – the seawater and its wildlife, the sand dunes and mudflats, each  with a different spectrum of creatures and plants – contrasting environments coming together in sight and sound of the ever-moving waves and wind.  This world on the edge feels wonderfully alive, not as predictable as being in the middle of a more settled and still environment. 

    I’ve always been attracted to the margins, where different people and things meet, and where there is change and new experiences to encounter.  This fits well with how I think of Jesus Christ, who refused to be boxed in by other people’s narrow social norms, and kept going to the edges of the society he lived in, to “untouchable” people, shunned and isolated by most, and to places where respectable individuals were not supposed to go to.  It was on the edges where he found people who really needed his healing touch and the acceptance and love which he offered to everyone who turned to him.  Marginalised and isolated people and places seemed to capture Jesus’ attention – what most people didn’t stop to notice, he stopped for, seeing clearly the overlooked beauty. I believe his mission to the edges is continuing through you and me if we’re willing.


    Revd Veronica Podbury, Pastor of The Vine Community Church

  • Sheep and no Shepherd...

    As I started writing this article I was unaware that I was about to be confronted by the sad news that my brother had taken his own life. I continue to write this a little over twelve hours later and the words of probably the most famous Psalm in the bible becomes particularly focused to me.  Most people will have heard of Psalm 23, " The Lord is my shepherd,  I will not want, he gives me rest in green pastures...".   It is often read at funerals or printed in cards given to people in loss or at times of need.  For me, knowing Jesus, the giver of peace the words of this Psalm are truth that brings comfort.  Psalm 23 also highlights what I may be feeling if I did not have that relationship with Jesus.  If you take God out of the Psalm the vision of peace and security the words portray is turned on its head.  

  • Ethnicity in the Bible - A closer look at Jesus' world

    History is strewn with examples of ethnic groups being disregarded, persecuted, or treated as less than human.

    I have had the privilage of writing an article for the American Bible Society read how, isolated verses from the Bible have been used to justify such atrocities as the slave trade or anti-Semitism. But throughout the Bible we see God's intention to reach all races and nations with salvation (Genesis 12:2-3, Revelation 7:9). We see this the most clearly in the life of Jesus, who embodied God's love for all people, including the diverse ethnic groups right around him. As we take a closer look into Jesus's cultural milieu we can begin to understand the deep significance of his radical inclusion.

    An Article in the American Bible Society by Veronica.

    Read More



  • The Vine is a member of the Evangelical Alliance Read More

    We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance, the largest body serving evangelical Christians in the UK: working for a united Church, confident in voice and inspired for mission, www.eauk.org. We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.

  • The Vine is a member of the Ground Level Network Read More
    The Vine Community Church is a church in the Ground Level network of churches, Ground Level network belongs to Churches Together in the UK.
  • The Vine is a partner of OpenDoors Read More
    As part of the body of Christ, it is our privilege to stand alongside our courageous brothers and sisters who are persecuted around the world. That means letting them know they’re not forgotten. Strengthening them by our prayers and support.
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