Most weeks we have a Mid-Week group either a small group or a larger gathering..

Small Groups

small groupSome churches call these home groups, others connect group, others life groups. 

As a Church we want to give space for us to meet in informal fellowship as well as to have opportunities to grow through teaching and exploring the bible. 

This is why we have introduced 'small groups'

Small groups are really where church happens but they are not a replacement for church.  Small groups provide a setting where the church begins to experience the kind of closeness that will characterise the life of the redeemed in the age to come. A small groups can be the primary place of belonging, discipleship; a community, not just a meeting.

Each small group is uniquely shaped by community that make it up, by people's gifting and calling. Small groups are the place  where individuals grow together through mutual discipleship, regularly eating and praying together. Small groups connect with other small groups and connect to the wider church.

There is so much more that we could say about the role of a small group have a look at the small group guide to find out more.

Fellowship and Study

We meet together as a wider group, where the small groups and others joint together to study.  This gives us an opportunity to grow together a a larger group.  We may be led in studying the bible by someone in the church or we may use a range of published materials.

As a larger group we have looked at life issues and focused on exploring aspects of faith, the group has used a range of materials including.


We are currently studying materials from Jonathan Conrathe's organisation Mission24

Each title is a four or five session series on that subject, recorded onto one DVD. Each session on each DVD is approximatly 11 minutes long with questions, and application points at the end to help individuals or home groups apply the truth of that session to their lives effectively.


Believer's Authority


Ministering Healing

Praise, Worship and the Presence of God

Receiving Power

Understanding the Prophetic.

A sample of Believer's Authority can be found here




The home groups are using "The me I want to be" - John Ortberg
The home groups have used "Apprentice" by Steve Chalk
The home groups are looking at Lifting the Lid on Lent
The home groups are working through the Saddleback Church - Foundations Course
The home groups have used the Alpha Course and often re run this course for new christians.
The home groups have worked through the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course
The home groups have used gone through the blowing your cover programme
The home groups have used gone through the Never Give Up Curriculum by Joyce Meyer
The home groups have used gone through the "God is closer than you think" by John Ortberg
The home groups have used gone through the "God is closer than you think" by John Ortberg