The Vine has had close ties with a number of projects within Kenya. Starting with a personal connection with the late Bishop James and the St James Academy and recently with New Life Homes, the Kijoto Trust, Glad Tidings Church and the Royal Junior Academy.



In November 2008, Dave and Veronica were invited to go and speak at the annual church conference of the Glad Tidings Churches in Kenya. It was their first trip to Africa. All the sessions were translated into Swahili for the people who gathered from a wide area. They spent time in areas without running water. Since then, the Vine Church has funded the provision of boreholes for clean water, purchased land and seeds for poor widows to become self-sufficient, as well as raising money for desks and toilets in a new school.

The Vine also supports a Children's Home and orpahed/abandoned baby centre in Nairobi, through the New Life Homes Trust

A team of six from the Vine went back to Kenya in summer 2009 to work in The Ark, a home for orphaned children, and the New Life babies' home in Nairobi.

Summer 2011 sees a return visit to Kenya, when another team from the Vine visits a school, churches and community projects we support in western Kenya, as well as the Ark children's home in Nairobi. Based in the Kombewa district of Kenya, the community projects include the provision of Land for Widows, this allows these women to support themselves despite often having lost everything.


Kombeywa Collage