The Vine no longer activly supports the Royal Junior Academy having provided for the immediate needs of land,  a safe source of water and a hardship fund.  The following is for historical information only.


The Royal Junior Academy is a day preparatory and primary school.

The school is located at Akala market, 40km West of Kisumu city in western Kenya.

Royal Junior Academy was established in 2009 as a response to the government's appeal to the civil society and the private sector to complement government efforts in providing alternative education to her citizens, following the declaration of free primary education in the country with the resultant influx of pupils without corresponding provision for adequate teachers and facilities.

In western Kenya for instance, a classroom would have as many as 110 pupils in public schools. This has greatly compromised the quality of education.

The introduction of Royal Junior Academy has been a great relief to the pupils and parents in Akala in their quest for quality education in a favorable learning environment. Currently, the school has grown to grade 4, with a population of 124 pupils, served by 7 teachers and 1 support staff.

The school provides sponsorship to ensure a number of needy children are not able to pay the minimum fees charged by the school. At the moment the number of sponsored children account for 10% of the total student population. They also receive donations of books and uniforms as the school is enabled to provide. The school also provides a feeding program to ensure students are recieve adequate basic nutition

The Vine has supported the academy by providing funding to purchase desks and for the building of toilets to allow students safe, and hygenic basic sanitation.

Summer 2011 will see a team from the Vine return to the academey. Following a sponsored 10k run in Woodhall Spa it is hoped the team will see the money raised being transformed into two new classrooms including desks for 20 students.

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