The Vine Community Church has been a registered charity since 2011 registration number 1142056.

As the work of the Vine Church has increased especially around the activities we undertake with the Youth and Children and the wider community through Assist we have reviewed the legal status of the Vine Church’s Charity registration.  As a simple charity we were limited in the activities we can undertake.  We are not allowed to trade for example.   Up to now this has not been a problem but it could potentially cause issues with us accessing grants for us to further the work of Assist, which is predominantly funded through grant applications.

As there are risks involved in working with the wider community especially the vulnerable, it is also important that we limit the liability of the church and it’s trustees.  This is why on January 1st 2015, we transferred the charity registration from being a simple charity to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  This new form of charity, frees the Vine up to continue to serve the community while providing additional safeguards for the church and it's staff, volunteers and trustees.

Vine Community Church is a registered charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) number 1158738.