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christmas dinner 2428029 640The average Christmas Day Calorie intake is  6000 calories but why?
Part of the reason is the portion size. - we all like a big plate of food.
Some of it was the richness of the food. We like the sweet things at Christmas.
A lot of it was that at Christmas we have an attitude of ‘As well as and not instead of’ -
We have sausages in bacon as well as the meat.
We have sausage meat stuffing as well as the pigs in blankets, as well as the meat. You get the pictureWe tend to have things as well as rather than instead.
If I was a dietician I may tell you that this is not a good Idea. Fortunately, I am not a dietician. I’m a pastor and I want to suggest that at Christmas. This is good.
The ideas of having an ‘as well as’ attitude, of bigger portions, of richer helpings and is a healthy thing - may be not be good for your waistline but for your soul.
Videos used in this message are 

Knowing the Price of peach, the Joy of Peace and the Giver of peace.

How the happenings of the nativity were not chance but a carefully orchestrated plan of God, played out over generations. What this teaches us about how we should prepare for the season of Christmas. 

John the Baptist was a speaker of hope. His birth and life are a model for our own.  From waiting for our own personal advent to living an authentic life.  We are called to be bringers of life.