Going to the edge

Have you seen the Structures on the Edge on the Lincolnshire coast?  Dave and I have only recently come across them, and we were fascinated.  Because they are very unusual works of art/architecture, they will trigger some strong opinions – as you stand on our shoreline seeing their rather weird outlines against the seascape, you’ll probably be quite excited about them, or maybe you’ll hate them.  They are meant to help us take a whole fresh look at our coastline, and “see” it in a new way, stopping to gaze on its natural beauty.



Personally I really like looking at their outlines, etched against the open skies, helping us to take a fresh view of our familiar coast – there’s something very special about taking time to look at the place where sea and land meet – the seawater and its wildlife, the sand dunes and mudflats, each  with a different spectrum of creatures and plants – contrasting environments coming together in sight and sound of the ever-moving waves and wind.  This world on the edge feels wonderfully alive, not as predictable as being in the middle of a more settled and still environment. 

I’ve always been attracted to the margins, where different people and things meet, and where there is change and new experiences to encounter.  This fits well with how I think of Jesus Christ, who refused to be boxed in by other people’s narrow social norms, and kept going to the edges of the society he lived in, to “untouchable” people, shunned and isolated by most, and to places where respectable individuals were not supposed to go to.  It was on the edges where he found people who really needed his healing touch and the acceptance and love which he offered to everyone who turned to him.  Marginalised and isolated people and places seemed to capture Jesus’ attention – what most people didn’t stop to notice, he stopped for, seeing clearly the overlooked beauty. I believe his mission to the edges is continuing through you and me if we’re willing.


Revd Veronica Podbury, Pastor of The Vine Community Church

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  • Summer is Here


    Summer is here.

    Welcome to the Summer update.  
    As minds turn to summer holidays and yet more sun, the Vine will take our 'traditional two-week break' followed by the One Event.  We also have exciting news about the Vine Centre



    What's on when

    Sunday Services

    22 July 2018 - Normal Service
    29 July 2018 - No Service
    05 Aug 2018 - No Service
    12 Aug 2018 - Normal Service
    19 Aug 2018 - Normal Service
    26 Aug 2018 - Join us at the One Event at Lincolnshire Showground
    02 Sept 2018 - Normal Service


    Mid-Week Groups

    Home Groups

    The 'Tuesday' & 'Wednesday' mid-week groups are not on during the summer.  They will restart in September.


    Community Choir

    The Community Choir will not meet in August.
    The first rehearsal in September will be the 10th September at 7.30pm

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    The Dementia Support group has finished now for the summer and will resume on Wednesday 5th September.

    The main Assist service will continue through the summer.

    Coffee Connect

    Friday the 20th of July will be the last Coffee Connect before the summer.  It will resume on September the 7th.


    Thursday Morning Prayer will be on throughout the summer - Prayer powers this place - come and plugin.

    Meet at the Vine Centre at 8:45am



  • That Saturday Thing - Summer Break

    Today is the last That Saturday Thing until September.

    Join us if you can otherwise - enjoy the Summer.



    Find out more about 'That Saturday Thing'

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  • Every Contact Leaves a Trace


     Have you heard of this principle?  Evidently (sorry about the pun!) it’s a basic concept of forensic science – that when two people or things or places come into contact in any way, there’s always a trace left. The contact time can be extremely brief, a fleeting forgotten moment, but nevertheless, a trace is left behind.  If you’re a fan of any of the police/detective series so popular at present, you probably know quite a lot about this field already.  But for all of us, it’s an amazing idea – wherever you’ve been and whoever you’ve been with, you’ve left a trace of yourself there.  You have changed the scene, leaving evidence of your presence. 

    This is a thought-provoking idea, especially for any of us who sometimes feel insignificant, unnoticed, or even invisible. Even when you’re feeling you don’t make any difference, and nobody has noticed you, the fact is, every time you go anywhere, you actually change the place, whether you’re aware of it or not.

    Thinking about this I have gained a new insight into what is actually happening when I walk past some people at the bus stop, my feet making contact with the pavement each step I take, or when I sit on a seat on the train (which seat shall I choose? and who shall I sit next to, my sleeve touching theirs?)  I know now that whoever I touch, even briefly, I will leave a little of myself with them.  A few molecules will pass from me to them, sticking to them, remaining after I have forgotten I’ve ever seen the person or shared a space with them. Does this sound freaky? Or a surprising insight into how interconnected we are, and actually how powerful each of us is.  We’re all changing the world constantly, as we move about, as we live, as we breathe. Perhaps a few molecules, tiny particles of hair or skin, don’t seem to matter, but the words we say, perhaps carelessly or moodily, or the touch of a hand, can remain with people long after we’ve left the scene…for better or worse, we can’t take it back.

    Knowing we are constantly changing the world around us, for better or worse, should be a wake-up call. Today I read in my Bible,

     “Be very careful then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity…Therefore do not be foolish…”  

    I shall try to keep this in mind today, remembering that everything I do, everything I touch, everything I say, leaves a trace.



    Revd Veronica Podbury, Pastor of The Vine Community Church

  • How to make biblically based decisions

    Making decisions under pressure is tough; the dangers and long-term consequences of making the wrong choice can be huge. Fear of being wrong can force us into not making a decision at all, while desperation can lead us to decisions we’ll live to regret.

    Read Veronica's latest blog for the American Bible Society's "Blog.bible" site.


    Read the article




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