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Mpeketoni Relief

Kenya FlagDuring June 2014 we were alerted to violent attacks taking place in the town of Mpeketoni in Eastern Kenya

Buildings were burned down, and 60 non Muslim men were singled out to be killed in front of their wives and families, leaving 50 widows and 142 fatherless children. 

 New Life Home Trust leader, Meleckson Dalano, met with the widows and local church leaders to find out what help we can offer them. 

Their greatest desire is for their children, particularly those in secondary school, to continue their education which will bring the hope of a brighter future for the children and their families.

 Partnering with New Life Homes Trust, the Vine Community Church has sent a significant donation to help provide schooling for the Orphaned Children.

 This weekend 22/11/2014 saw the BBC Report further killings of non muslims this time in the North of Kenya.  

Please join with us in praying for all concerned in these atrocities. We know from contact with New Life Homes Trust that there is as much comfort in those concerned knowing that others are  praying  for their situation and caring for them as there is from material support.






Bishop James Ocholla.



 Bishop James Ocholla.


Bishop James Ocholla

Bishop Ocholla spoke at the vine about Kenya, St James Academy and the 100 or so churches he oversees

Children sleetiing


Update August 2007 -

It is with a sense of Loss we heard Bishop James Ocholla passed on following an illness.

Everyone in The Vine Community Church joins with the family of Bishop James , remembering him with much love and sadness not be able to see him again in this present life . We look forward to seeing our dear brother again in the company of our Lord Jesus Christ . James enriched all of our lives with his wisdom and love ."

A celebration of the life and work of Bishop James can be found here




Bishop James Ocholla was from Kenya, where he oversaw 100 churches spread across the country. Bishop Ocholla came to speak at the Vine as part of the Glad Tidings Mission.


New Life Homes

New Life Home Trust rescues and cares for abandoned babies, some of whom are HIV positive

Founded in 1994, New Life Home Trust, which started as a baby rescue home in Nairobi, Kenya, has grown into a network of homes across Kenya.

The goal is to care for abandoned babies until they can be introduced to families for fostering and adoption. Where this is not possible, long term care is provided by the trust.

Abandonment of newborn babies has become a problem at the urban and rural hospitals around the country and is steadily increasing. The higher numbers are certainly complicated by the fact that there are babies who remain in the hospitals much longer because they are not being accepted by the children's homes. Principally this is because the homes are not equipped to care for babies who are sick, especially for those who are HIV positive and who have AIDS. 

New Life Home Trust believes that hospitals should not become the home for babies that are HIV positive. It's for this reason that the New Life Homes were founded. The Homes meet the emotional needs and the curative costs of the babies while they are still sick, nurturing them into healthy children with the goal of integrating them into society. Babies between the ages of 0 - 3 months are admitted into the homes, with a priority given to those who are HIV positive and the seriously ill.

They are admitted from government and private hospitals and through direct contact with government children's officers and the police. At the appropriate time, the infants are discharged to families for foster care and adoption.

The Ark is a satellite home caring for older children who have not been placed with foster or adoptive parents.


In 2013 the children from the Ark were transferred to more spacious and appropriate accomodation in Nakuru




St James Academy

The Vine no longer activly supports the St James Academey having provided for the immediate needs of land and a safe source of water.  The following is for historical information only.

About St James Academy .

St James Academy is in the village of Kombewa, close to Kisumu, Kenya's third largest town and a busy port on the banks of Lake Victoria.

The school supports orphans and offers local children affordable education and at least one meal a day. 

The academy is a primary school catering for 350 pupils and a further 80 children in the Nursery school. Of the 430 plus children at the academy approximately 120 children are without a parent through AIDS, Malaria or Tuberculosis (TB)

Some of the Staff and Children at St James' Academy
Some of the Staff and Children at St James' Academy 

Academy staff cooking in large pots over open fires
The Academy provides not only education but also food for the children here being cooked over open fires.

Smiling children with food

The food provided is a staple diet.

The Land .

In front of the St James Academy is a large expanse of land. This land is not yet owned by the academy and is in danger of being developed. The academy is trying to raise funds to buy this land to ensure that the children have somewhere to play; the academy has room for expansion; but most importantly because this land will support a bore hole to provide clean, safe drinking water for the students.

The land
The land the academy wants to buy to site a bore hole on to provide safe, clean drinking water.

Children play on the land
Children playing outside St James Academy, if the academy does not purchase the land this site may not bee seen again.


Royal Junior Academy

The Vine no longer activly supports the Royal Junior Academy having provided for the immediate needs of land,  a safe source of water and a hardship fund.  The following is for historical information only.


The Royal Junior Academy is a day preparatory and primary school.

The school is located at Akala market, 40km West of Kisumu city in western Kenya.

Royal Junior Academy was established in 2009 as a response to the government's appeal to the civil society and the private sector to complement government efforts in providing alternative education to her citizens, following the declaration of free primary education in the country with the resultant influx of pupils without corresponding provision for adequate teachers and facilities.

In western Kenya for instance, a classroom would have as many as 110 pupils in public schools. This has greatly compromised the quality of education.

The introduction of Royal Junior Academy has been a great relief to the pupils and parents in Akala in their quest for quality education in a favorable learning environment. Currently, the school has grown to grade 4, with a population of 124 pupils, served by 7 teachers and 1 support staff.

The school provides sponsorship to ensure a number of needy children are not able to pay the minimum fees charged by the school. At the moment the number of sponsored children account for 10% of the total student population. They also receive donations of books and uniforms as the school is enabled to provide. The school also provides a feeding program to ensure students are recieve adequate basic nutition

The Vine has supported the academy by providing funding to purchase desks and for the building of toilets to allow students safe, and hygenic basic sanitation.

Summer 2011 will see a team from the Vine return to the academey. Following a sponsored 10k run in Woodhall Spa it is hoped the team will see the money raised being transformed into two new classrooms including desks for 20 students.

For a full profile of the school click here  



Links with Kenya

The Vine has had close ties with a number of projects within Kenya. Starting with a personal connection with the late Bishop James and the St James Academy and recently with New Life Homes, the Kijoto Trust, Glad Tidings Church and the Royal Junior Academy.



In November 2008, Dave and Veronica were invited to go and speak at the annual church conference of the Glad Tidings Churches in Kenya. It was their first trip to Africa. All the sessions were translated into Swahili for the people who gathered from a wide area. They spent time in areas without running water. Since then, the Vine Church has funded the provision of boreholes for clean water, purchased land and seeds for poor widows to become self-sufficient, as well as raising money for desks and toilets in a new school.

The Vine also supports a Children's Home and orpahed/abandoned baby centre in Nairobi, through the New Life Homes Trust

A team of six from the Vine went back to Kenya in summer 2009 to work in The Ark, a home for orphaned children, and the New Life babies' home in Nairobi.

Summer 2011 sees a return visit to Kenya, when another team from the Vine visits a school, churches and community projects we support in western Kenya, as well as the Ark children's home in Nairobi. Based in the Kombewa district of Kenya, the community projects include the provision of Land for Widows, this allows these women to support themselves despite often having lost everything.


Kombeywa Collage

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