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What are you searching for?

PngItem 339000We read in Matthews Gospel  [Matthew 2:1-12] of the Magi (Wisemen, Three Kings - although they were not kings nor were there three of them) following a star to find a King. 

The Magi were a pagan, priestly tribe of people from the Medes and the Persians they were referenced in the Old Testament and recored in the historical writings of Herodotus. 
They were very skilled in both astronomy and astrology. There was little in the separation between the superstition (astrology) and the science (astronomy). 
They were occultists practicing divination and sorcery -  the word magi was corrupted through history into the word magic, magician, which is a synonym for sorcerer. 
These practices were  detestable to God.  See Deuteronomy 18:9–13 and Leviticus 19:26 if you want to know what God thinks of this sort of thing.
Despite this God chose them to reveal the nature of Jesus.  
The Magi were seekers and when it comes to God being a seeker seems to be more important than being perfect.   
Many people that are searching for Jesus do not conform to the stereotypical ‘nice’ image the church and popular culture has given to ‘Christians’
In reality no seeker of the King is perfect. Nor do you have to be perfect to approach Jesus.
We keep mixing this idea up. We place perfection before access to the Holy One. When in reality access to the king Jesus is what makes us righteous.
Jesus welcomes searchers of all shapes, genders, colours, sexual orientations, superstitious beliefs, behaviours and backgrounds. God may desire people to change - but He accepts us as we are as long as we are seeking.
Each of us may be seeking something different.
Some are looking for healing, or forgiveness.
Some are looking for peace or provision.
Others are looking for evidence that God is real or interested in them.
What ever you are seeking Jesus's presence is constant and available but it must be sought out. This was true for the shepherds and Magi and it's true for us today. Through his Holy Spirit God draws near to those who draw near to Him and he promises that those who seek, will find Him.
When you seek Jesus he is there to be found.
Today, as you read this you have the opportunity to seek, find and experience God.  
It doesn't matter who you are, what you have done what matters is that you are seeking.
If that is you have a look at or come and speak to us at the Vine or your local church. Need help finding a local church have a look at  or  
If you are not ready yet then I pray you will keep searching. 
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