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Coronavirus Information

  • Join use for this week's Sunday Service from 11:00 this Sunday on and our Youtube Channel via this website or on our facebook page 


  • Coronavirus Update


    Last week saw the Prime Minister announce the return to public worship services from 4th July 2020. Well, sort of...

    Having read the guidance, it is clear that this return to public worship is not a return to public worship as we would have known it prior to March 2020.

    The guidance would limit numbers, prohibit singing (classified as a risky activity), hugging, handshaking, raised voices. We would need to maintain a social distance regime and deep clean following every meeting and enhanced hygiene procedures during the meeting.

    There are other aspects of guidance that will prove challenging for us; for example, in the overall guidance announcing the changes from 4 July, people are advised not to interact socially with anyone outside the group with which they are attending any given place. This makes the whole idea of joining together in a corporate act of worship in person a challenging subject.



    What next 


    There will be much for us to consider over the next weeks: How we may meet physically to worship (in a different way), sanitation, social distancing, pastoral care, keeping our online ministry effective, and of course, how to turn this time into an effective harvest for the Kingdom! Please pray for us as we consider our plans.



    What this means


    For the time being:

    • We will not be returning to regular physical Sunday Meetings.
    • We will continue to Worship Online
    • We will explore ways we may choose to meet physically and what this may look like.
    • We will not return to physical mid-week groups - this is still prohibited.
    • We will continue to meet via zoom.
    • I would love to be wrong but I suspect this will be the case until at least the autumn, if not the end of the year.
    • We will keep watching the guidance, both the high-level announcements and the detail that follows, that is often not quite the same. As things change we will, consider and react appropriately.

    This is a time to be both bold in our faith and actions and responsible.



    We never closed


    While it is easy to look forward to meeting together and I look forward to this as much as anyone, it is important to remember we never closed. While the building was not available to us:

    We worshipped online with our services on Youtube and Facebook. I know may of you have and many more people that would not already have attended a physical church have engaged with the online services.

    We have met together on Zoom for Sunday night prayer, being joined by other Christians from the area.

    We have met together on Zoom for our mid-week groups, continuing our exploration of discipleship.

    We have engaged with local, regional and national events online both receiving great input and publishing video content for Lincoln City Churches group, Hope Together, Groundlevel and others as well as taking part in live meetings with a range of groups.

    Our social outreach Assist has continued to provide support for the most vulnerable in the area, increasing its provision through partnership with others during this time. We do not see this need abating any time soon.

    We have engaged with the children of the village through TST Online and the Video content 'Freya Speaks'

    We have kept in touch with each other as best we can.

    We have not closed, we have adapted and God has provided great opportunities to work with others and to reach people who would not consider stepping inside 'the church'. 

  • Working alongside other churches in the village and key community leaders we have provided joined up service for the most vulnerable and isolated.

    We advise all citizens to seek help and offer help to family, friends and neighbours first.  beyond this we have implemented a dedicated telephone service that connects those in need with over 150 volunteers.

    The following leaflet has been posted through every letterbox (we hope) in the three villages.



    You can Offer Help  01522595596 or by registering at  

    Request Assistance  0333 772 6021  or by emailing

    Further information can be found on this dedicated Facebook Group

  • These things will not run until further notice:
    • Physical Sunday Services
    • TST
    • Souled Out
    • Coffee Connect
    • Alpha
    • Physical home groups
    • Physical Monthly Prayer Nights
    • Assist Dementia groups.
    • Home (connect) groups.
    • Library Service
    These things will continue to run:
    • Assist One-to-one Support
    • Post Office Outreach
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  • What is normal anyway?

    During July the ‘lock down’ is being relaxed.  While I have some trepidation about the consequences of this if as a population we don’t act responsibly; I am relieved that we are returning some normality to life.  Though it won’t be normal as we know it.  There will be continuing restrictions, the nervousness of previously familiar situations and new habits to learn: not shaking hands, one-way systems and keeping 2m (or is it 1m) apart wherever we are.

    As part of this relaxation of restrictions, places of worship can open, firstly for prayer and then for some aspect of worship.  I found this announcement amusing in that prayer isn’t reliant on a building, and although the building can host people, many of the familiar aspects of worship such as singing and even socialising between groups is still prohibited.   This won’t be normal as we know it, but I do welcome the ability to be inside a church building even if it will be different.  The other reason I found this amusing is that the Church never really shut, it closed the building, but church is more than bricks, stone, glass and mortar.  While the building was not available to us.

    • We worshipped online with our services on YouTube and Facebook serving both our church and engaging with people who would never step in a church building. 
    • We have met together on Zoom for prayer, for social events and meetings.No mean feat for some less comfortable with technology 
    • We have continued to serve the community through ‘Assist’. Joining with others to provide support for the most vulnerable in the area and those advised to self-isolate.
    • We have continued our kids' activities for children of the village through TST Online- see the rainbow’s on the Vine Centre window as you pass.

    I have seen a similar thing in my work in industry with people working differently, overcoming some challenges of lockdown but enjoying unexpected benefits of a better work-life balance.   We have taken an extraordinary situation and made it a new normal.   As lockdown is relaxed and things open up, I hope (and pray) that we can take the best of the ‘lockdown normal’ and blend it with the best of the ‘pre-lockdown normal’ to have a new normal, that is different to but better than before.    

    If you're surprised that churches never really shut have a look at your local church’s website or Facebook page.  It is likely to be awash with opportunities and activities. 



  • Window Shopping


    During this time of ‘lockdown’, we have all had to adapt to shopping in different ways.  Whether that is the weekly delivery of a mystery food parcel for those isolating and shielding.  The weekly delivery of a mystery food parcel, that is an online grocery shop full of ‘substitutions’. Or you or loved ones may have ventured to the store, to wait in line, two meters apart, disinfect your trolley handle and spend the next forty minutes trying to choose food without touching it, plan a route around the one-way system that gets you everything in one pass before kick yourself when you realise that you have forgotten something near the beginning of the store. All without getting too close to others.  

    Shopping for non-food items has inevitably caused us to turn towards the internet stores.  While most experiences of buying online are positive there are numerous stories of people whose purchases have not lived up to expectation. From those that got more than they bargained for and order 100s of the same item, not realising they were buying a wholesale lot, to the people who ordered goods that were not the correct size. Like the lady who tried to buy a new ladle and received a giant catering one or the man who ordered deckchairs and received ones only big enough to sit your Mobile Phone on; he did comment he thought they were unbelievably cheap.  

    Buying online can be an ‘interesting’ experience but it does come with some benefits, you have the chance to view the items at lots of places, comparing the goods. You avoid the overly eager shop assistant who pounces on unsuspecting customers as they enter the store. In short, you can take your time, and there is no pressure.

    The Vine, like many churches, has moved its services ‘on-line’ during this time.  Sky News reports that more people than ever are engaging with an online church service or content. I guess part of this like online shopping is people can ‘check out’ what is going on, they can compare and there is no danger of the over church leader pouncing on them as they enter the door.   

    Why not give this window shopping a try?  Whether it is the Vine’s services ( or one of Revd. Penny’s online services for the village on facebook or maybe something from elsewhere (this page has over a dozen online services listed You will find a whole range of styles, music and people. Now is a great time to window shop, fulfil your curiosity, demolish a few stereotypes. You never know you might find something you like.  





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