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Recommended books (2)

The Vine has a number of books and recorded messages for people to borrow.  Some books are recommended by the readers.

Books for Life

The Vine Recommends Books for Life

In our fast-changing culture it is important that Christians understand their faith deeply, love God faithfully and serve Christ wisely. With the average person watching 5000 media messages a day we could benefit from more than a once-a-week sermon to help us know our faith. We are yet to find a significant Christian leader for whom a steady diet of Christian books hasn't played an important part in their journey of faith. So if you are serious about your faith reading is an investment worth making. Each month we will feature an interview with a Christian leader who will explore the books that have shaped their lives. We will also give you the cream of the crop of the latest Christian books that will help you grow to be the person God intends you to be. - Books for Life

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Once an Addict

Once an Addict by Barry Woodward


I was interested in reading this book as I had come across a lot of people with Addictions through my work with Assist and I wanted to hear how someone was able to escape from addiction with God’s help. 

 It was very enlightening and helped me understand a bit more what an addict is going through and how their life becomes totally absorbed and obsessed with drugs to such an extent that they care no longer about themselves or other people just their next “fix”.

It is gritty and very honest and described the mental health issues that developed because of the addiction.  It also shows how difficult it is to help someone escape from addiction when they are in such an environment with temptation all around them.

However God intervened in this situation and it gave me hope that there can be away out.

Excellent book and I couldn’t put it down.




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